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leah lane investigation guidelines

We are excited to announce that Director, Leah Lane will be presenting at the ACFE Global Fraud Conference in Seattle, WA. 

Leah will be doing a pre-conference session on Sunday June 11th on Assessing your Anti-Fraud Program.

On June 12th she will be presenting on Investigation Guidelines: A Practical Tool for Investigators.

The following is a synopsis on Leah’s presentations:

Assessing your Anti-Fraud Program

The fraud landscape is constantly changing due to the sophisticated technology, increased skillsets and expanding knowledge fraudsters use. Many organizations have anti-fraud programs, but are those programs robust enough to keep up with the everchanging fraud landscape? Have the programs been assessed or evaluated to ensure they are doing everything they were designed to do to prevent and detect fraud? This course will discuss the key components of an anti-fraud program, what is included in each component and how to evaluate your anti-fraud program for its effectiveness.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Recognize why an anti-fraud program is important and who should own it
  • Determine what components make up an effective comprehensive anti-fraud program
  • Assess, evaluate and monitor your anti-fraud program’s effectiveness


Investigation Guidelines: A Practical Tool for Investigators

Investigation guidelines that are well written can ensure that your organizational policies and procedures are followed and promote consistency within your investigation program or across your organization. This session will discuss how having a standardized investigative process can reduce risk, how to create investigation guidelines that are an asset to investigators and how to audit them to ensure that they are effective.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Recognize why having investigation guidelines is important
  • Recall elements that should be included in investigation guidelines
  • Identify how to audit your investigation guidelines to ensure their effectiveness
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Leah Lane Corporate Investigations, Corporate Fraud, IP Theft, Fraud Risk Assessment

Leah Lane
SunHawk Consulting, LLC

Leah Lane, CFE, has more than 31 years of combined public and private sector investigation and fraud examination experience. She began her investigative career as a U.S. Customs Service agent — a position she held for more than seven years before moving to the private sector. During her career, she has assisted, conducted and managed hundreds of investigations globally involving alleged Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, multifaceted internal and external fraud, and employee misconduct cases. Leah is a Certified Fraud Examiner and an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. She was elected to the Board of Regents of this global organization in 2016 and elected Chairman of the Board of Regents in 2017. She has served on the ACFE Advisory Council and the ACFE Board of Review.  She is a global lecturer and instructor on anti-fraud programs, internal investigations, fraud prevention, and anti-bribery issues. More about Leah….

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