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Excerpt from “Lax Boards Invite Risk; Patient Rape at ICF Exposed Its Other Problems.”

By Nina Youngstrom

Featuring Martin Biegelman

When the rape of an incapacitated patient at an Arizona intermediate care facility (ICF) came to light, it exposed other systemic problems, including allegations of Medicaid fraud, and in the process raised doubts about the effectiveness of the board’s oversight, an expert said. Hacienda HealthCare’s then CEO eventually was convicted on fraud charges, its board stepped down and the ICF repaid the state $11 million.

“There were a multitude of failures here,” said Martin Biegelman, managing director and investigations practice leader at SunHawk Consulting LLC in Phoenix.

The case is one of a series of headline-grabbing corporate scandals, including the Theranos case,[1] that happened in part because boards apparently were missing in action, he said Oct. 18 at the Compliance & Ethics Institute sponsored by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. “A board that abdicates its oversight will miss misconduct, especially fraud, and fail to protect the organization’s shareholders, investors, employees and others from financial, reputational and litigation risk,” Biegelman noted. “Boards need to do a much better job of enhancing the corporate culture of the organization.”


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Martin Biegelman, CFE, CCEP
Managing Director & Investigations Practice Leader
SunHawk Consulting, LLC

Martin Biegelman has spent a lifetime detecting, investigating, and preventing fraud and corruption in various leadership roles in law enforcement, consulting, and the corporate sector. His work on behalf of corporate management and boards includes conducting internal investigations, including independent investigations, alleging fraud, corruption, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, conflicts of interest, whistleblower retaliation, and other employee and vendor misconduct. Martin’s work also includes developing, assessing, and enhancing corporate compliance and ethics programs including internal investigative and anti-bribery compliance programs, as well as performing fraud risk assessments.